Hope & Healing for Families

Battling Substance Abuse

Support for family and friends who have

loved ones struggling with drugs and alcohol




"Since we live by the Spirit, let us keep in step with the Spirit." 

~ Galatians 5:25 ~


 Battles wage in our homes because we have loved ones in bondage to drugs and alcohol.

Families suffer in the wake of fear, insanity and despair.

Uh . . . wait.  Not news to you, is it?

That's why you're browsing this site.  


Someone you love is struggling.

Addictions.  Alcoholism.

Now chaos reigns. Life is out of control.


Well - no more. Keep reading . . . .


 This is a battle. Are we fighting against our loved ones?   No!  They are not the enemy.

They've been captured by the enemy!  Drugs and alcohol hijacked them: body, soul and spirit.

This is a spiritual battle. We are fighting for our families from God's place of victory.


"You will not have to fight this battle. Take up your positions;

Stand firm and see the deliverance the Lord will give you ...."  


~ II Chronicles 20:17 (a) ~

Is there hope?  


Yes. Absolutely!   


Where change is possible ~ hope prevails. However, I can only change myself.  I can't change those

I love. That feels pretty hopeless. Yet any circumstance can be defined as hopeless when my hope

is anchored on me being able to change someone else. 


So I can choose to lean into the power of God.  With His power, changes occur in me

So let's repeat:  


Where change is possible ~ hope prevails.

With STEP - the focus is on moving forward  -

whether baby steps or giant strides - to change my attitude, expectations and behaviors.


* I can set healthy boundaries. *

* I can allow consequences to play their natural course. *

* I can identify and eliminate unhealthy enabling. *

* I can receive professional counseling. *

* I can set goals and establish agreements to cut financial help. *

* I can participate in a support group for families . *

I can take steps in life that prosper my soul.

Listen, friend ~ no one is making light of your pain.   It's very real.

We know the  smell and sounds of that pain very well. We know the 

the devastation that addiction and alcoholism bring into relationships.

But ~ we also know  ~




Spend time with this site and discover what speaks to you.

Browse through  STEP material .

Our material  combines theories of professionals with the truth of Scripture and experiences of family.

 We are not professionals in the rehab industry.

You might consider professional counseling

Many of us have benefited with additional insight and strategies from it. 

We lean into our belief that God loves us with compassion that is beyond our understanding. 

But in our brokenness, mankind fell into a pattern of

self-centered defiance.

We believed Satan's lies and submitted to confusion and fear.

You might line up with the truth of Jesus as Savior ~

or you might feel uncomfortable with talk of Jesus.

Either way, you're here for a reason.

Life hurts. You're looking  for a solution.

We ask you to hang out here for a while.

 Read. Evaluate.

Seek truth in the Scriptures and prayers shared here.

If you read or hear a suggestion that feels right to you 

consider putting it into practice in a way that fits

a need or circumstance you want to change.

Above all ~  Challenge your view of God. Get to know Him.

Reach out to Jesus, our Wonderful Counselor.

Accept help from His Spirit, the Comforter.

There is healing and power in prayer.

STEP is your recovery.

You can step into a life of peace and purpose.