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STEP into Hope

Surrender . . . Trust . . . Embrace . . . Pursue

 There's much available to help those who struggle with drugs or alcohol.  There's not much out

there for the family - the ones gasping for their next breath. STEP material is not designed 

for your loved one, yet we pray they benefit by the ripple effect of you using this  material.

STEP is a life line for you!  

Foundation of STEP

God's Word: The Strength of STEP's Foundation

Dig deep into your strength - or intellect - or bank account. 

Do you have the weapon to fight  this battle against drugs & their destruction? Me? I got nothin'.

I fought desperately to change my son ~ to rescue him. Result: I failed!  So here's a better plan:

Go with God. He's got this. His Word is our foundation.

Core Lesson 1

Awareness ~ Reality ~ Hope

It's easier to see the gunk floating in the fish bowl when I view it from the outside.  

Same concept when I'm living in the cesspool of addiction.  (Whoa. I actually said that out loud.) 

As crisis, fear, and anger flood over me, I lose sight of truth. That distorts reality. 

Look, friend~ having a distorted reality is not good. Healthy reality keeps insanity out of my fishbowl.


Core Lesson 2

Reactions ~ Delayed Emotional Growth ~ Surrender

"When will my 25-year-old son stop acting like he's 13?"

The real problem here: Delayed emotional growth. It greatly impacts behaviors and  decision

making abilities. The odds are good that DEG alters character traits & life skills of your loved one.

It's worth your sanity to spend some time with this lesson.


Core Lesson 3

Change ~ Boundaries ~ Trust

Get a grip on this fact: Boundaries are not punishments. We set up a boundary to protect

or meet needs of the family. If you enforce a boundary, some natural consequences 

will probably occur. As a result, loved  ones may experience pain or hopelessness.  

Believe it or not - this is "helpful."  Ouch!  Really?  Yes.  Read more.

Core Lesson 4

Manipulate ~ Enable ~ Faith

Dad taught us how to drive. Coach taught us how to hit one out of the park.

 Addicts taught us how to enable their addiction.  Really?  Uh - yes. Absolutely, yes! 

Enabling is a learned behavior ~ and eventually unhealthy enabling hurts everyone involved. 

Core Lesson 5

Acceptance ~ Detach with Love ~ Pursue Life

"When pushed to the edge of difficulty, you can trust God. Two things can happen:

Either God will catch you when you fall - or He will teach you how to fly." 

The author of this quote is unknown. But here's what we do know: 

Don't let fear keep you dangling on the edge of insanity!  

Take the leap. Live the abundant life!

Discovery: Expectations

"Low expectations. High hopes." 

 High expectations set us up for heartache. So let's go for hope.  Let it be the kind of hope

that's focused on work accomplished by God. He knows you best, yet still loves you most. 

Discovery: Cardinal Rules for Helping

Good help versus bad help.

"Helping someone get through another day of addiction is not necessarily helping."  

Is there ever a good time to help an addicted loved one?  Check out this excerpt from:

 The Four Seasons of Recovery for Parents of Alcoholics and Addicts 

by Mike Speakman, L.I.S.A.C.     speakmancoaching.com

Discovery: Defeat Fear. Choose Faith.

" For every child of God defeats this evil world, and we achieve this victory through our faith."

~ I John 5:4 ~  (NLT)

Whoa! Did you feel that?  The thunder of truth just exploded from that verse!

We need to get a hold of this: When evil is defeated, fear does not exist.

Why should we ever entertain fear again?  Contemplate this reality as you read more.

Discovery: Stumbling Blocks and Pot Holes


* * * 

Discovery: Participate in the Promise

Don't be impressed by the power of the problem.

Look above the circumstance. Take hold of the promises of God.

His promises provide God's peace ~ presence ~ provisions ~ protection.