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Core Lesson 1

Awareness ~ Reality ~ Hope

It's easier to see the gunk floating in the fish bowl when I view it from the outside.  

Same concept when I'm living in the cesspool of addiction.  (Whoa. I actually said that out loud.) 

As crisis, fear, and anger flood over me, I lose sight of truth. That distorts reality. 

Look, friend~ having a distorted reality is not good. Healthy reality keeps insanity out of my fishbowl.


Core Lesson 2

Reactions ~ Delayed Emotional Growth ~ Surrender

"When will my 25-year-old son stop acting like he's 13?"

The real problem here: Delayed emotional growth. It greatly impacts behaviors and  decision

making abilities. The odds are good that DEG alters character traits & life skills of your loved one.

It's worth your sanity to spend some time with this lesson.


Core Lesson 3

Change ~ Boundaries ~ Trust

Get a grip on this fact: Boundaries are not punishments. We set up a boundary to protect

or meet needs of the family. If you enforce a boundary, some natural consequences 

will probably occur. As a result, loved  ones may experience pain or hopelessness.  

Believe it or not - this is "helpful."  Ouch!  Really?  Yes.  Read more.

Core Lesson 4

Manipulate ~ Enable ~ Faith

Dad taught us how to drive. Coach taught us how to hit one out of the park.

 Addicts taught us how to enable their addiction.  Really?  Uh - yes. Absolutely, yes! 

Enabling is a learned behavior ~ and eventually unhealthy enabling hurts everyone involved. 

Core Lesson 5

Acceptance ~ Detach with Love ~ Pursue Life

"When pushed to the edge of difficulty, you can trust God. Two things can happen:

Either God will catch you when you fall - or He will teach you how to fly." 

The author of this quote is unknown. But here's what we do know: 

Don't let fear keep you dangling on the edge of insanity!  

Take the leap. Live the abundant life!

Discovery: Cardinal Rules for Helping

Good help versus bad help.

"Helping someone get through another day of addiction is not necessarily helping."  

Is there ever a good time to help an addicted loved one?  Check out this excerpt from:

 The Four Seasons of Recovery for Parents of Alcoholics and Addicts 

by Mike Speakman, L.I.S.A.C.     speakmancoaching.com

Discovery: Take Out the Real Enemy

" For every child of God defeats this evil world, and we achieve this victory through our faith."

~ I John 5:4 ~  (NLT)

Whoa! Did you feel that?  The thunder of truth just exploded from that verse!

We need to get a hold of this: When evil is defeated, fear does not exist.

Why should we ever entertain fear again?  Contemplate this reality as you read more.