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STEP into Hope


STEP is your recovery. It's education and support for you. STEP provides tools to foster hope and healing for all family members and friends who have loved ones struggling with substance abuse.


Parents. Siblings. Spouses. Grandparents. Friends.


You're exhausted and hurting because the life of someone you love was hijacked by drugs or alcohol and you're suffering collateral damage:    


* exhaustion  *  anger  *  guilt  *  grief  *  isolation  *  hopelessness  *


No more!


Take a step into hope today.

~ Surrender ~

Surrender myself and the ones I love to God.

Pay attention to this:

Surrender is not throwing in the towel to quit and lose the round. Surrender is to yield to God's victory. This is His battle. He won! I'm empowered by the victory Jesus claimed as He was resurrected from the dead. I can release myself and my loved one to God's power and good work. 

~ Trust ~

Trust God!

This is a spiritual battle.

God will put a spiritual process in action that demonstrates His power and compassion. With authority given to me by God, I can learn responses, behaviors and prayers that break me free from the suffocating bondage brought into my life from drug and alcohol abuse. God loves me. I can trust that at all time in His hands ~ God's goodness prevails.

~ Embrace ~

Embrace the support and education God provides.

I am not alone. I can join with others who experience the same battles I am struggling with today.  With material anchored in God's truth that introduce theories of professionals along with insight from families who live with similar circumstances, I can consider wiser steps to healthier relationships and choose to take ones that fit me.

~ Pursue ~

Pursue the life that God designs for me.

I let myself be held hostage by shackles of addiction. No more. I'm walking away from chains of

guilt and despair -  fear and anger. I want to live my life. I want significance and purpose . . . joy and peace. So I'm stepping into the abundant life God created for me!

Love it.

Seriously - just let me download this entire series!​