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Core Lesson 1

Awareness ~ Reality ~ Hope

"Mixing Alcohol and Opioids: A Dangerous Cocktail"​

"Synthetic Marijuana Puts Teens at Risk of Violent Behavior"

"Rising Rate of Opioid Death among Infants"

These headlines are among the hundreds in recent months that highlight public awareness of the drug epidemic in our country. In many families, there's a hands-on awareness of the devastation that substance abuse brings into the homes. As time goes on, fear and hopelessness dominate - yet these emotions stem from a "false reality" based on lies and misconception. To begin to experience hope, families must lean into the "real reality" of truth.

"...and you will know the truth, and the truth will make you free."

~ John 8:32 ~

The Family's Reality:

Seven Statements of Sanity



1. Each person in a family is affected when one member becomes dependent on drugs or alcohol. Harmful changes in behaviors, personality and values of one person impacts all.

2. The only person I can change is myself.  I am responsible for my thoughts, actions and attitudes. I'm not able to control or change the people I love.

3. I will seek support through peer-groups and professionals. I can gain knowledge and healthy insight of my roles and responsibilities. I release myself of excessive worry and feelings of responsibility for my loved one.

4. I will establish boundaries that protect and benefit the well-being of my family and home. I recognize my limitations as a person and accept the fact that I cannot prevent all bad things from happening. I will give myself grace.

5. I will focus on today with realistic perspectives and healthy choices. When I start thinking of past negative scenarios of "what-of" and "should-have" - it generates a destructive attitude of false guilt and remorse.

6. I will encourage the one I love to seek professional help.  I'm not a rehab specialist, counselor, or detox expert. The type of help and the timing of that help is determined by my loved one - not by me.

7. "One day at a time" is a healthy perspective during recovery. It may take years to recover from addiction. Relapse may even be part of the process. Education and encouragement can partner with prayer and faith as essential tools for family and friends.

Families ~ we are not alone.

Consider gathering and supporting  others using

STEP material in your neighborhood, church, family, etc.  

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There is hope. Read the 2nd page and consider how you can

"Take a Step towards the Hope of Christ."